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What are the main features of the hot press machine?


The high-frequency hot pressing machine can process any special purpose soft, hard rubber, leather or cloth, and can also be used in furniture, wood, touch screens, printers and other fields. It has a wide range of uses. For the high-frequency hot-pressing machine, you mainly need to understand the description and cleaning of the main components of the high-frequency hot-pressing machine, and have an in-depth understanding and exploration of the high-frequency hot-pressing machine. So do you know what are the main features of the hot press machine?

The main features of the hot press machine are as follows:

1. The heating speed of the high frequency hot pressing machine is fast and the work efficiency is high. When the thickness of the workpiece is less than 20mm, the conduction heating time is usually 1min/mm. When the thickness is greater than this value, the heating time will be greatly extended, and the thickness of the workpiece will have a much smaller effect on high-frequency heating. Under the same workload, high-frequency heating only takes 2 hours to complete the work, while conduction heating takes 5-6 days.

2. Uniform heating: The high-frequency hot pressing machine generates heat inside the object, and heating the processed wood to the same temperature inside and outside the whole wood can effectively increase the curing strength of the adhesive and improve the product quality. Wood splicing can make the glued joints in the same electric field generate heat, but the wood itself will not be overheated.

3. Environmental protection, no boiler, no smoke and dust, safety and sanitation.

Note during runtime:

1. The high-frequency equipment must be operated by two people through the above data and designated the person in charge of the operation technology, wearing insulated shoes, gloves and other prescribed protective equipment.

2. The operator should be familiar with the operating procedures of the high-frequency equipment, check whether the cooling system of the equipment is normal before starting, and then turn it on again, and strictly follow the operating procedures.

3. Before working, all doors should be closed, and electrical interlocking devices should be provided on the doors to ensure that electricity cannot be supplied before the doors are closed. After turning off the high voltage, do not move to the back of the machine or open the door.

4. The high-frequency equipment needs to be kept clean and dust-free during operation. If there is any abnormality in the work, you need to first cut off the high-voltage power supply, and then check the equipment to eliminate related faults. If the high-frequency equipment has problems, it must be repaired by professionals. After turning on the equipment, first use an electric rod to discharge the power grid, capacitors and other live parts, and then start repairs. Be careful not to perform live repairs.


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