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China's power technology and equipment level has greatly improved


"With the vigorous development of my country's electric power industry, electric power technology and equipment have also made rapid development and progress." Yang Yang from the International Cooperation Department of the National Energy Administration said in Beijing a few days ago. To

Yang Yang made the above remarks at the China International Electric Power Forum held recently. According to reports, at this stage, my country's generator set equipment has reached the world level, and 300MW, 600MW, and 1000MW coal-fired units have been put into operation. Large-scale hydropower design and manufacturing capabilities have reached the world's advanced level, and have mastered the core technology of large-capacity pumped-storage hydropower units.

In the field of new energy technology and equipment, half of the top ten global wind power manufacturing companies are already Chinese companies. Among the top ten global photovoltaic manufacturers, the top four are all Chinese companies. To

In addition, my country's advanced power grid technology and equipment is also leading the world, forming a number of power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing bases. The transmission and transformation equipment is widely exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions and successfully entered the European and American markets. Participated in the construction and management of Brazil, Portugal, the Philippines and other countries. . To

Yang Yang said that my country's power equipment manufacturing capacity and technical level have been significantly improved, and similar products have obvious advantages compared with countries such as Europe, America and Japan. Most of the equipment export mode has changed from single machine export and complete set of equipment export to engineering contracting. To

It is understood that China’s installed power capacity reached 1.36 billion kilowatts in 2014, of which thermal power installed capacity was 911 million kilowatts, hydropower installed nearly 20 million kilowatts, and the total installed capacity exceeded 300 million kilowatts. The installed capacity of solar power generation is 28.05 million kilowatts, and the installed capacity of biomass energy and geothermal energy exceeds 9.2 million kilowatts. In terms of nuclear power construction, there are 26 generating units under construction, with an installed capacity of more than 20 million kilowatts.


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