Horizontal Stretch Boarding Machine

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Horizontal Stretch Boarding Machine is used to produce gas vehicle carpet, civil carpet, gas vehicle interior, industrial filter cotton, and various stenting and setting products.

Main Specifications:

Product width: 1800-6000

Heating temperature: normal temperature ~ 220 ℃

Heat source: direct fired natural gas, plus heat transfer oil, heat exchange, plus hot air.

Linear speed: 15m-60m/min

Heat consumption: 200000 ~ 400000 kcal / section

Product thickness: 1mm ~ 15mm

Main Features:

① Chain rail: adopt Fuji chain rail, horizontal chain transmission mechanism, automatic stretching and shaping.

② Edge detection: far infrared edge detection tracking, deviation correction using electric adjustment with ball screw, automatic needle on and off.

③ Speed, width, temperature, humidity and air volume can be automatically controlled by man-machine interface.

④ High thermal efficiency, the temperature in the drying room can rise from normal temperature to 220 ℃ in 20 minutes, matching with the residual temperature heating drying room, which is more efficient and energy-saving.

Production Process:

Cloth Placement → Cloth Storage → Gluing, Back Gluing, Glue Spraying, Scraping and Dipping → Stretching and Setting → Hot Pressing and Ironing → Air Cooling → Cloth Storage → Slitting and Trimming → Automatic Cutting and Stacking → or Combined Winder


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