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Material Selection:

Select high quality steel (cooperate with steelmaking plant to make special alloy steel)

Processing Technology:

By Adjusting - Boring - Welding - Annealing - Finishing Turning - Intermediate Frequency - Grinding - Surface Treatment (chrome Plating, Nano Ceramic Plating) - Grinding - Polishing (mirror) And Other Advanced Processing Technology, So As To Ensure That The Product Is Smooth And Precise.


Hot press machine is widely used in the finishing of products to make the products flattened, smooth and shaped to achieve the required thickness finish. It can also be matched with a flower shaft to make the product reach the required pattern.

Main Specifications:

Model: two roller, three roller, two roller with cold pressing, three roller with cold pressing

Six roll hot pressing (two high density silicon rubber rolls, two hot rolls and two cold rolls).

Shaft width: 1.5m-8m

Roll diameter: conventional Ф 400、 Ф 420、 Ф 500 (custom made) Ф 155~600mm)

Wall thickness: conventional 40mm, 50mm, (customized 16mm ~ 55mm)

Working temperature: normal temperature ~ 250°

Axial surface temperature difference: ± 1 ℃

Radial runout of pressure roller: ≤ 0.03mm ~ 0.05mm

Linear speed: 5 ~ 50m/min

Heating mode: electric heating, plus heat transfer oil heating

Pressurization mode: hydraulic cylinder, cylinder, manual electric integration, manual lifting reducer.

Structural Features:

Structure: high precision hot pressing roller, integrated frame (without special foundation), mobile water-cooled bearing block (keeping the bottom temperature of bearing), diversified lifting device, variable frequency drive device and controller.

Features: the hot roll is made of special alloy steel seamless tube, and the surface hardness reaches HRC65 ° after multi-step processing (no trace left by the broken needle).

The surface of the roller is coated with nano ceramic, non stick hot-melt cotton and acrylic resin, etc. the surface of the roller is polished and the surface finish reaches 12 grades. Clearance, temperature, speed are digital display and automatic control. The temperature difference between left, middle and right of roll surface is ± 1 degree.

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