Imitation Leather Production Line

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Imitation leather production line is used to produce imitation leather, shoes, bags, car interior leather, home decoration soft bags, and other leather products.

Main Specifications:

Product width: 1500-4000

Heating temperature: normal temperature ~ 220 ℃

Heat source: heat transfer oil or steam heat exchanger, electric heating, external hot air

Line speed: 5m ~ 40m / min

Heat consumption: 200000 ~ 400000 kcal / section

Product thickness: 0.5mm ~ 3mm

Main Features:

① The machine adopts multiple dipping and vertical non-contact far-infrared setting dryer.

② The hot ironing wheel group is sprayed with Teflon (non adhesive non adhesive paste) to quickly evaporate water vapor.

③ Up and down cross type air trough, side circulation blowing, save floor area, increase material drying time, high efficiency.

Production Process:

Cloth Rack → Sizing Machine → Infrared Dryer → Washing Tank × 2 → Scalding Wheel Group → Cloth Storage Rack → Oven → Cloth Storage Rack → Winder


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