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How should the hot press machine be cleaned?


The hot press machine is widely used in the finishing of products, so that the products can be flattened smoothly and shaped to achieve the required thickness and finish. It can also be equipped with a flower shaft to make the product reach the desired pattern. So many factories will use it, so after using it for a period of time, how should the hot press machine be cleaned?

1. The main components in the hot pressing machine

1. Frame: Mainly used to support the hot plate and hydraulic cylinder. And, when the hot pressing machine works, it bears the total pressure of the hot pressing operation. To

2. Hydraulic cylinder: This type of actuator is mainly used to achieve reciprocating linear motion. To

3. Hot pressing plate: It is mainly used to transfer pressure and heat, etc., so it is very important. Moreover, the mechanical strength and rigidity of the hot press plate, as well as its heat transfer performance, will affect the quality of the finished product and the output of the equipment. To

2. How to clean the hot press machine

1. Drain the original heat-conducting oil in the system (try to drain as much as possible to reduce the amount of cleaning agent), and check whether the circulation pipeline is open, and keep the system open.

2. Cleaning: Add the cleaning agent to the container, turn on the circulating pump to circulate, without heating, just use at room temperature. Switch the valve of the system so that all parts in the system can be cleaned. It is advisable to switch the valve every hour. The entire cleaning time is 4 hours (if the oil layer in the system is thick, the cleaning time needs to be increased). Open the cleaning of any part of the circulation pipeline to check the cleaning situation. If there is still grease, extend the cleaning time until all is stripped off and go to the next step.

3. Draining: Drain all the cleaning agent and grease in the system into the cleaning agent container. If possible, use an air compressor to purge the remaining liquid in the jacket. When purging unconditionally, open all the valves of the heating kettle to air dry naturally.

4. Recycling cleaning agent: After cleaning, do not drain the cleaning solution. Although the color becomes black, the product can be reused. Because the reaction between this product and oil coke is a miscible reaction, after cleaning, the heat transfer oil will form an oil layer on the upper part of the cleaning fluid, and there is oil residue at the bottom. You only need to extract the oil layer. Please continue to use it when cleaning the equipment next time. The effect of this cleaning solution remains unchanged.

5. The cleaning is over.


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