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Ten steps let you understand the whole process of mechanical equipment installation


1. Equipment unpacking and inventory: Before the installation of machinery and equipment, the unpacking and inventory must be carried out to ensure the quantity and quality of the supply, and make a record.

2. Foundation laying: delineate the installation datum line according to the equipment layout drawing and the axis and elevation line of related buildings. For equipment that is connected or arranged with each other, a common installation datum line should be released; general target plates should be buried when necessary; specific foundation position lines and foundation elevation lines should be set.

3. Equipment foundation inspection: Mainly check whether the position, geometrical dimensions and concrete strength of the foundation meet the design requirements. For some heavy equipment, foundation pre-compression tests should be done before installation, and some foundation settlement observations are only performed during the trial operation of the equipment.

4. Equipment in place: The equipment is safely hoisted on the foundation, and it is roughly in place. It mainly puts forward higher requirements for lifting operations. For disassembled equipment, the base of the equipment should be put in place first.

5. Accuracy inspection and adjustment: Accuracy inspection and adjustment is a key part of the mechanical equipment installation project and an important indicator of the quality of the installation project.

6. Equipment fixing: Most of the mechanical equipment needs to be fixed on the foundation, that is, secondary grouting. For disassembled equipment, the base should be fixed in place before assembling.

7. Disassembly, cleaning and assembly: disassembly, cleaning and assembly of dismantled mechanical equipment and overall mechanical equipment beyond the anti-rust storage period should be carried out. Assemble the components first and then assemble them into parts, and finally the parts are assembled, the main engine first and then the auxiliary engine.

8. Lubrication and equipment refueling: This is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment. The lubricating oil circuit and lubricating parts should be clean, the lubricant selection should be reasonable, the quality should meet the requirements, and the equipment oil and lubricant should be added in an appropriate amount.

9. Adjustment and trial operation: It is an important link in the comprehensive inspection of equipment manufacturing and equipment installation quality. It involves many professions and personnel, and requires careful organization and unified command.

10. Engineering acceptance: After the equipment has passed the trial operation, the engineering acceptance should be handled in time.


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